4 Foot Christmas Tree

4 ft christmas treesThe Christmas tree market abounds with different varieties and sizes of Christmas trees. Of course you have to choose if you want to buy an artificial Christmas tree or a real Christmas tree. We tend to be more partial to REAL Christmas trees rather than the fake’s, but that’s probably because we are wholesale Christmas tree growers. There are a lot of reasons why the fakes are not a good option though, despite the fact that our livelihood depends on Christmas tree farming and selling our real trees.

The 4 foot Christmas tree seems to be the perfect sized tree for smaller rooms and spaces. It’s not too short and it’s not too tall. Children love the height of this sized live Christmas tree because they can easily decorate most of the tree, including the top areas without too much effort. Smaller children can be picked up and taken to the top of the tree to put on the adorning star, and bigger kids like to help the little ones put the ornaments on the top parts of the tree. Many families purchase a smaller 4 foot Christmas tree to decorate in a separate part of their home, and a taller Christmas tree to put up in their family room or grand entrance hall.

A great deal of care and effort is taken when growing Fraser fir Christmas trees. We grow them to our standards, which are much more stringent than the general public’s. As prize winning growers, we know that you can’t cut corners and expect your trees to be the highest quality. At the 2015 National Christmas Tree Association that was attended by judges and growers from across the United States, we won the Co-Reserve Champion and we get the honor of presenting the Vice President with a Christmas tree for the 2016 Christmas tree season.