12 Foot Christmas Trees

Commercial buyers, contact Sturgill’s Wholesale Christmas Tree Farms to place orders for large, tall Christmas trees. We have all sizes of trees including 12 foot Christmas trees, cut to ship across the country. We work with all types of wholesale buyers including fundraisers for organizations and churches as well as retail lots.

According to most data, growing a 12 foot Christmas tree can take up to 12 years depending on the growth each year. Our NC Christmas tree farms are located in the optimal growing climate for Fraser firs and White Pines and it generally takes about 8 to 9 years to grow a 12 foot Christmas tree. The ideal growing conditions in Ashe County NC combined with our near perfect pruning techniques produce some of the most gorgeous 12 foot Christmas trees. Each year we look to our fields to decide which trees are ready for harvest. We do this with a keen eye and a checklist of requirements before cutting our trees. We only want to cut the best, highest quality Christmas trees wholesale.

We wait to harvest our 12 foot Christmas trees until very late in November. We use a tree shaker to ensure that all old needles and weeds have been removed so that you will have a fresh Christmas tree with no debris from the fields. We cut the trees along the bottom and remove branches that are near the bottom so that the customer will be able to put the tree in a stand.

You’ll definitely need a sturdy ladder or footstool to decorate your 12 foot Christmas tree. A tree of this size should use somewhere between 450 and 480 ornaments depending on how ornate you’d like your tree to look. It usually helps to plan out how to decorate a tree of this type. You can separate your ornaments into groups by size and then use groupings of ornaments as you go around the tree. It helps to decorate into the center of your tree and not just the surface flat face.