Mixed White Pine Fraser Fir Wreaths

Sturgill’s sells wholesale Christmas wreaths crafted from Fraser fir and White Pine trees grown high in the Appalachian Mountains. Our fresh wreaths are carefully created each season using the thickest bough and best supporting branches and needles. We can create wholesale mixed wreath batches as well and incorporate both types of evergreen firs in the wreath. White pine and Fraser fir are a great combination because their needles are very different. The White Pine needles are longer and quite skinny. The Fraser fir’s are soft and fluffy and very different from the White Pine. When combined these two evergreens make the other one stand out and showcase their beauty.

When just using one or the other type of needle a wreath appears uniform and rather natural. When paired together, the fresh wreaths really take on a whole new shape and dimension. Their volume appears larger as well. If you are looking for a creative way to decorate at Christmas with fresh wreaths, think about ordering some mixed wreath xmas wreaths.

Our wholesale Christmas tree farms NC are strewn throughout the Blue Ridge and include farms in VA and WV as well. Our home base of operation is in Ashe County, North Carolina; a place that produces most of trees that are available at retail outlets and stores.