8 Ft Christmas Trees

Have a tall or high rising ceiling? If you are blessed with a cathedral ceilings then you must buy a large Christmas tree! Click to contact us and order 8 ft Christmas trees. We have all sizes of real Christmas trees including one of the most popular sizes – 8 foot Christmas trees. Not many people are eight feet tall, so a tree this tall would give off a regal impression, and likely be a centerpiece in any room. Usually, a tree stand adds some length to a tree, so if you plan on using a normal stand, you’ll probably have a tree that sits closer to 9 feet in height. These trees are considered our large commercial trees. We sell all of our Fraser firs and White pines as a wholesale Christmas tree farm to buyers and suppliers all around the country. Some of our trees even end up at the big box retail stores.

A high quality large Christmas tree will have a great conical shape, without too many holes or gaps in between the branches that lie on top of one another. The tips of the tree should be soft and green instead of brittle and light green or brown. What gives the 8 foot Christmas trees their perfect shape? Our impeccable grooming skills and the phenomenal God-given weather related factors that contribute to a beautiful tree (i.e. enough rain and low summer temps). We groom our trees all year long and cut them very late in the season to ensure that they stay green all through the Christmas holiday time period.

When choosing a tree size, such as an 8 foot Christmas tree you’ll want to consider the types of ornaments that you place on it and where you place them. A large tree of this size usually looks the best when decorated with many large and small ornaments mixed together. Organizations and churches love to work with us because we supply the best quality 8 foot Christmas trees and this size is one of the most sought after. Give us a call to place your wholesale Christmas trees order.