White Pine Garland

Decorators have been using white pine garland for hundreds of years both indoors and outdoors. It became a part of Christmas décor sometime around the same time that Christmas trees became part of Christmas culture in America. The garlands and roping were used to decorate the Christmas tree. Strands were assembled around and around the Christmas tree. Centuries ago, settlers used food items to make garland strands. Today, we have lots of great options including White Pine Garland. Sturgill’s sells all types of garland including the famed Fraser fir garland varieties that release the aromatics that have become synonymous with the smell of Christmas.

White Pine garland is perfect for indoor or outdoor decorating. It looks especially great on wooden fences whether they are painted or not. Many people will take White Pine garland and install little holly berries, twigs and pinecones throughout to make the roping really stand out. The Pinus strobus, commonly called the White Pine is native to the location where our wholesale Christmas tree farms are located in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. They grow exceptionally well in our natural growing conditions.

Eastern White Pines are well known for their ability to hold their needles and retain their branch strength long after they have been cut and harvested. People with allergies also can use white pine garland in their Christmas décor because this type of tree does not have a strong aroma. Their needles are soft and feathery. White Pine garland and wreaths can be decorated or left bare for a rustic look. Decorating with White Pine Garland throughout your décor can give you longevity in your décor all the way through the winter. That is because this type of live Christmas garland retains its water really well and white pine garland is a versatile décor. It doesn’t overly smell of Christmas.

Some happy decorators even use White Pine garland roping strands along the fence posts in outside fencing. Wooden split rail fencing looks really great with some white pine garland accented over it. If you have a white fence, it’s a bonus to use this type of garland because the green really pops.